Tips for Matching Your Roof Color to the Exterior of Your Home

When you install a new roof on your home, one of the things you might be worried about is whether or not it will match with the exterior of your house. If you choose the wrong roof color, it could potentially clash with your home’s siding and make it look unsightly. You might even come to regret putting your new roof on and end up wanting to change it in a few years simply because of the color you picked.

Check out a few tips that will help you match your new roof color with the color of your home.

Avoid picking out a roof color that matches your home’s exterior too closely

If you have a home that’s painted, say, gray, you might be tempted to pick out a roof that’s also gray. In your mind, you might think that the two colors will prove to be a match made in heaven. But you should try and steer clear of picking a roof color that matches your home’s exterior a little too “perfectly.” It’ll actually make your roof and siding blend into one another. Instead, you should choose a color that complements the color of your home without clashing with it.

Choose a brighter roof color to inject energy into your home

Does the outside of your home look a little, well, blah? There are many homeowners who wish they could add a pop of color to the outside of their home without painting it some wild color. The good news is that you can do this by choosing a roof color that will make your home stand out. If your home is painted a neutral color that makes it look dull, you can choose a roof with a burst of color to spice it up without going over the top. Even though the roof color and siding won’t be a match, they’ll really play well off one another.

Consider using contrasting roof and exterior colors

While you want to be careful about choosing roof and exterior colors that contrast too much, you’re more than welcome to have some fun with the colors you choose. While a brown roof might not seem like it would pair well with a light green exterior, the two will actually offer just enough contrast to match nicely. You can also pair a green or gray roof with a bright yellow exterior to create the right amount of contrast. You should work with an experienced roofing contractor if you take this approach to make sure you create the desired contrasting effect.

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