Commercial Roof Repair Services

Finding dependable commercial roof repair services can be tricky for property owners. You need someone who can provide quick, efficient, and professional services and who has experience in working on commercial roofs.

In Amarillo and Lubbock, TX, and Clovis, NM, Roof Smith can offer those trustworthy commercial roof repair services for you. Repairing commercial roofs, whether it’s a leak, storm damage, aging shingles, or another issue, is one of our specialties.

Have a Professional Inspect Your Roof Often for Needed Repairs

Too many commercial property owners make the mistake of waiting to call a commercial roofing company until they notice a problem. If you really want to ensure that your business has a quality roof over its head, then you should have professional commercial roofing contractors inspect your roof regularly. By having regular inspections performed, you’ll be able to catch problems with your roof before they become more extensive or costly.

Leaking Commercial Roofing Repairs

Although it may seem like just a few inconvenient drops of water, a roof leak can cause serious problems with your entire commercial property. If you stick a bucket under a roof leak and leave it unaddressed, you’re potentially facing insulation damage, mold and mildew growth, ceiling damage, compromised structural integrity, and extensive water damage.

Instead of setting yourself up for thousands of dollars in repairs or more, call Roof Smith to handle your leaking commercial roofing repairs in Lubbock, Amarillo, and Clovis.

Damaged Roofing Repairs

Are you dealing with commercial roof damage beyond a simple leak? Our team can repair that too. We’ve repaired all types of damage on many commercial roofs throughout our years in the industry. Here are some of the most common sources of roof damage we see in Texas and New Mexico:

Severe Weather & Storm Damages

Residents of our service areas know that the weather can be a force to contend with. It’ll come as no surprise to learn, then, that we have much experience with repairing damage to commercial roofs caused by storms, tornados, hail, downed trees, and similar elemental threats.

Broken or Rusted Flashing

Flashing is a critical component of your commercial roof, as it keeps water away from your roof’s most vulnerable areas. Broken or rusted flashing can put your entire roof at risk and is something that you should call us to repair right away if you notice any damage.

Blistering & Cracking

In the hot southern sun, the blistering and cracking of commercial roofing materials is not uncommon. Don’t worry, though—our team can repair or replace the portions of your roof that have blistered or cracked and have them looking as good as new again.

Don’t let a damaged roof threaten the safety or success of your business in Amarillo, Lubbock, and Clovis. Contact Roof Smith today for the commercial roofing repair services you need!