Roof Coatings For Residential & Commercial Roofs

Roof coatings are receiving more attention due to the affordability, and the ability to prolong the life of the roofing system. For homeowners and commercial business owners, this method is a smart way to lower costs by maintaining and extending the life of an aging roof.

Why Replace When You Can Restore?

Roof coatings are not a cure-all for major roofing problems and will not prolong the life of every roof system. However, when properly applied at the right time in a roof’s life cycle, a roof coating will extend its service life and delay the cost and inconvenience of complete roof replacement. Our roofers can repair, coat and restore most moderately aged roofs to a maintainable condition. With proper care, a coated roof may also be a candidate for future re-coating to further extend its life.

Benefits of Roof Coatings

Roof Smith has successfully used roof coatings to restore residential and commercial roofs in Amarillo, TX, Clovis, NM, and other surrounding areas. In a tough economy, roof restoration makes sound business sense for our customers. Not only do roof coatings delay the need for commercial and industrial roof replacement, they also have reflective properties that decrease roof temperatures, and therefore save energy during daytime hours.

  • Increased roof life
  • Cost savings
  • Less construction waste in landfills
  • Reflective to decrease roof temperature
  • Reduced energy consumption

If you’re in need of roof coatings in the Amarillo, TX Lubbock TX and Clovis, NM areas, contact Roof Smith today!