Can Sun Exposure Cause Damage to Your Roof?

Roof Damage

Often, homeowners are most concerned with wind, rain, hail, and snow when it comes to damage to your roof. However, another cause of weather-related roof damage often overlooked is a roof’s damage to direct sunlight. Depending on where you live, the sun’s UV rays can be intense and cause significant damage to your roof that requires help from a professional to fix.

Here is a rundown of the most common types of damage that excessive sun exposure can cause to your roof:


One of the most common types of damage that long-term sun exposure can cause to your roof is bleaching. Darker rooftops are usually the most susceptible to this type of damage. Luckily, bleaching doesn’t cause issues to the structure of your roof. However, it can significantly impact your roof’s look and appeal, especially if you’re trying to sell your home.

Asphalt Damage

Shingles that are made with asphalt coatings are also very susceptible to UV radiation from the sun. Asphalt, by its nature, can absorb a lot of heat. Its dark color doesn’t reflect the light, but instead, it stores heat. If you have shingles with asphalt coatings on your roof, they are likely to corrode or have a short lifespan if exposed to intense direct sunlight.

Thermal Shock

When materials get too hot, they tend to expand. On the other hand, when materials get too cold, they will contract. When direct sunlight hits your roof, it will cause it to heat up and expand. As it expands, the metal or plastic shingles may push each other or wrap from the heat.

A sudden change from hot to cold temperatures can cause Thermal shock to the materials in your roof. Those who have metal roofing are the most likely to experience these effects. Metal can become thin, brittle, and crack in these conditions. Cracks in your roof can be dangerous because once water seeps in, it can cause moss growth, leaks, and rot the internal roof support structures.

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