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How to Find Out How Old Your Roof Really Is

How to find out the age of your roof

If you’re not the first owner of your home, you may be wondering how old your roof really is. It’s important to have an idea of your roof’s age so that you can make necessary repairs or even replace the roof in a timely manner. Here’s how to find out how old your roof really… Read more »

Tips for Matching Your Roof Color to the Exterior of Your Home

Matching Roof Color to Home

When you install a new roof on your home, one of the things you might be worried about is whether or not it will match with the exterior of your house. If you choose the wrong roof color, it could potentially clash with your home’s siding and make it look unsightly. You might even come… Read more »

What to Look For in a Roof When Buying a Home

What to Look For in a Roof When Buying a Home

Buying a home is an exciting but often nerve-wracking experience. There are many factors to consider when making a decision, but one of the most important structural features to keep in mind is the quality of the roof. Roof problems can result in lots of additional money and time spent. So what should you look… Read more »