Common Roof Leak Locations to Keep an Eye On

The roof that rests on top of your home or business could start leaking in just about any area at just about any time. But there are some roof leak locations that are a little bit more common than others. You should keep a close eye on them for signs of leaks and call a roof repair company immediately if you notice any issues.

Here are a few of the roof leak locations you should monitor closely:

Around chimneys and vents

If you take a step back from your home and look up at your roof, you’ll likely see a chimney coming up through the roof as well as a number of vents. There should be metal flashing installed around the chimney and the vents to prevent water from leaking into your home in the space that exists between the chimney and vents and your roof. But if that flashing has worn down over time or, worse, disappeared completely, it could lead to roof leaks. You’ll need to have the flashing repaired right away to stop the leaking from occurring.

In spots where shingles have disappeared

If you have a roof that consists of shingles, those shingles serve as your roof’s first line of defense. They stop rain, hail, and more from coming into contact with the lower levels of your roof. But unfortunately, shingles can blow off or break and leave your roof exposed. If you ever see missing shingles, you should have them replaced as soon as you can to prevent moisture from working its way into your home.

Along roof valleys that aren’t sealed properly

A roof valley is an area of your roof where two planes meet. It’s incredibly important for you to have roof valleys sealed the right way when your roof is first installed. If they’re not, your roof will often start leaking, and it’ll be difficult to repair it. You’ll need to call on the professionals to perform repairs and to seal your roof valleys properly, so they stop leaking once and for all.

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