Common Roof Leak Locations

If you’re noticing damp or discolored walls and ceilings in your home, you may have a roof leak. Roof leaks, a common issue for homeowners, need professional attention before they cause serious damage. Read on to learn about a few common locations for roof leaks in your home.

Near the chimney

Flashing around your chimney tends to rust or pull away from the brick over time. As it covers a relatively large area between the chimney and the roof, it’s a prime spot for leaks to develop.


Here’s one more reason why it’s important to keep your gutters clean. Standing water in clogged or damaged gutters can get backed up, leading to roof leaks.

Ice dams

In cold climates, ridges of ice form at the edge of your roof, catching melting snow and preventing it from running off like it should. The result? Roof leaks!


If your roof is old, or if there’s recently been a major storm in your area, damaged shingles can let in moisture and cause roof leaks.

Sometimes it’s not the roof at all

Excess moisture in your attic can look a lot like a roof leak. Rain can “fall” due to high humidity causing condensation in your attic.

If you suspect you have a roof leak, never attempt to go up onto your roof yourself to deal with it. Not only is it dangerous, but without the proper know-how, you risk making the problem worse. Why not leave it to the pros? Roof Smith offers professional, affordable roofing services and will fix your leak in no time!

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