Preparing for a Roof Installation

If you are getting a new roof installed on your home, then you may be wondering if there is anything that you should be doing to prepare for the big event. The fact is that there are several considerations you should make before the roofing company begins the first day of work.

Keep the Perimeter of the House Clear

While roofers do their best to keep the work contained, there is always the chance of falling debris, shingles, and more, so you’ll want to protect the items that sit around the perimeter of your home. Clear the backyard of any grills, lawn furniture, plants, and lawn ornaments that you don’t want to risk damaging.

You also want to clear the front of your home, especially your driveway. Either park your car in the garage or on the street to avoid potential damage. In addition, you should consider saving the space in the driveway for the trunk of the roofers, so they have easier access to their tools and supplies.

Warn the Neighbors

Before the roofers arrive, it would be a nice courtesy to let the neighbors know that construction will be commencing and for how long. This is especially important if your neighbors have dogs or small children that might be disturbed by the commotion.

Clean the Attic

Professional roofers do their best to keep the dirtiness associated with roofing to a minimum but installing a new roof is not a clean job by any means. Dust and dirt can get into your attic so be sure to remove any valuables or cover them with drop cloths.

Prep the Inside

Roofing a house involves a lot of heavy equipment and a lot of hammering and stapling. These actions can cause vibrations within the home, so be sure to secure any loose picture frames or mirrors so they don’t fall off of the wall.

Antennas and Satellite Dishes

Be sure to remove any satellite dishes or antennas that are installed on or near the roof. To be safe, contact your satellite or cable provider for proper guidance.

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