How to Find Out How Old Your Roof Really Is

If you’re not the first owner of your home, you may be wondering how old your roof really is. It’s important to have an idea of your roof’s age so that you can make necessary repairs or even replace the roof in a timely manner.

Here’s how to find out how old your roof really is:

Ask the previous owners

It’s a good idea to ask how old the roof is while you’re in the process of buying your home, but it may not be too late if you forgot. If the previous owners lived in the home for a long time, they may have replaced the roof at some point. Even if they didn’t, you know the roof is older than the number of years the previous owners lived in your home. Keep in mind, however, that memories can be unreliable, and the previous owners may not remember exactly how old the roof is.

Find the building permit

First, obtain the tax parcel map number for your property. If you don’t have it, your county’s real property office or recording clerk can help you. Then, visit your local code enforcement office to find the building permit obtained when your roof was constructed or replaced.

Ask a professional

A professional roofer can provide a reasonably accurate estimate of the age of your roof, arrange for any roof repairs you might need and replace the roof if its time has come. Contact Roof Smith online to set up a free consultation today!

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