What Are the Most Common Commercial Roofing Problems?

Even the sturdiest of buildings can start to deteriorate over time. Because your roof will often get the most exposure to inclement weather elements, it is one of the first structures of your commercial building that will start showing signs of damage. Several factors can impact your roof structure, but with the right planning, you can help increase the longevity of your roof.

Here are a few of the most common problems that we often see in commercial roofing:

Ponding Water

Commercial and residential roofs are built differently. The roofs built for your homes are sloped, whereas the roofs built for offices and other commercial buildings have a very little slope and often lay flat. Because they are flat, they don’t have anywhere for water to run, leading to clogged drains and ponding water. When water is left standing for too long, it can cause severe water damage to your roof.

Flashing Problems

Your flashings are thin pieces of steel or aluminum used to help redirect water to prevent it from ponding. Your roof flashing can shrink, bend, tilt, or pull away from the wall or roof in extreme weather conditions. This often leads to water entering your building which can eventually lead to water damage inside of your building. Because fixing water damage in your building is often expensive and inconvenient, make sure you have your flashing inspected about twice a year.

Cracking or Weathering of The Roof’s Surface

Your roof can handle some extreme weather conditions. From intense heat to hailstorms, you can count on your roof to keep you protected. After years of extreme wear and tear, you are expected to see some form of weathering or cracking. To avoid any significant damage or expensive repairs, it is wise to have your roof inspected by a professional every few years to see if it’s time to replace any parts of the roof or renovate it.

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