Common Summer Roofing Problems for Home Owners in Texas

Here in Texas, our summers are a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to your roof.

Here are some common summer roofing problems for homeowners in Texas, and how to address them:

Cracked Shingles

Those pesky UV rays don’t just damage your skin—they wreak havoc on your roof by weakening shingles and causing them to crack and buckle. Once that happens, the wood underneath is exposed and you’ll need a roof repair. The best way to counter the damage is to use a strong and well-maintained ventilation system in your attic and install UV-resistant shingles.

Moisture and Humidity Buildup

Another reason to ventilate your attic: during the hot, humid Texas summer, moisture can build up and seriously damage your roof. Risks include dry rot and mold growth, not to mention a drastically weakened roof.

Sun Damage

The sun in Texas gets so hot that it can actually melt your roofing materials. Even if that doesn’t happen, the sun can cause discoloration and premature shingle aging. A professional roofer can apply a protective coating, much like the sunscreen you use when you go outdoors.


Summer storms in Texas can be severe. If you suspect a leak, call a pro immediately to prevent further damage.

Without proper maintenance, a heat-damaged roof will need replacing years before the end of its normal lifespan. Check out Roof Smith for affordable, professional roofing services that will keep your roof in good condition all summer long. Set up a free consultation today!

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