Important Roofing Terms

Do you know what a hip roof is? Here’s a hint: it’s not a roof that looks cool on Instagram. If you’re a roofing newbie, it pays to know a few important roofing terms:


To a roofer, the deck is not the place where grilling happens. Rather, it’s the plywood or oriented-strand-board (OSB) sheathing that’s used as a base for securing roofing materials.

Drip Edge

This is an L-shaped metal strip along the edges of your roof. It lets water flow off the roof without running down your siding or eaves.


What are eaves, anyway? If you have a sloped roof, they’re the horizontal underside projecting out from the wall of the house.


This term refers to metal pieces that keep water from seeping into your walls at intersections (like joints at vertical walls) or around roof penetrations (i.e. wind pipes and chimneys).

Hip Roof

A roof that has four separate planes joining together in a peak at the top.

Mansard Roof

A four-sided roof that has two steep planes meeting in a flat plane at the top.


The measure of a roof’s slope or angle of incline. This is distinct from slope: see here for a basic lesson in roof geometry that explains the difference.

Now that you know some important roofing terms, it’s time to make an informed decision about hiring a professional roofer. If you’re looking for affordable, professional roofing services in Texas or New Mexico, check out Roof Smith. Schedule your free consultation today and let our family help your family!

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