Install a New Roof to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Looking for ways to increase the resale value of your home? Get a new roof installed! It’s great for aesthetics, costs and the environment.

Here’s why you should install a new roof to ensure a high resale value for your home:

It’s a great return on your investment

According to the National Association of Realtors, installing a new roof is the number one home repair to increase the resale value of your home. One of their recent reports found that a $7,600 investment in a new roof recovered a whopping 105 percent of the price upon sale!

It appeals to the eco-conscious (and the budget-conscious)

An energy-efficient roof, such as one made from EPDM rubber or solar-reflecting asphalt, will reduce environmental impact as well as monthly energy bills. Both of these factors will appeal to potential buyers and increase the resale value of your home!

Avoid building inspection problems

A roof in poor condition can cause problems with building inspectors and appraisers. Avoid those headaches by having a brand-new, top-condition roof installed.

Your house will just look better

First impressions matter, especially when you’re selling a home. A new roof, particularly one that is architecturally interesting, will wow potential buyers and encourage them to pay top dollar.

An attractive new roof is one of the best ways to make your home appealing to potential buyers. If you’re in Texas or New Mexico, check out Roof Smith for affordable, professional roof installation. Set up a free consultation today and let our family help your family!

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