Signs It’s Time for a Roof Coating

A man coats a roof while wearing orange gloves

Roof coating is an increasingly popular alternative to roof replacement. It’s not something that can be done in every case, sometimes the damage is too much, and a roof must be replaced. But if you apply the coat at the right time, it can extend the life of your roof, allowing you as a homeowner to delay the cost of a roof replacement.

But when is the right time? There are some signs that will let you know that it’s time for a roof coating. Here are a few of them:


This should be the first and most obvious sign that there’s something wrong with your roof and action needs to be taken. The primary function of your roof is to keep the elements outside of your home. If there’s a small leak, it won’t go away on its own and it could lead to larger problems. A new coating can help solve this problem for you before it gets too bad.


The roof on your home can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years, depending on a number of factors. But after 10 to 20 years, you may begin to notice cracks and damage to the shingles due to age and sun damage. A roof coating will both solve this issue and ensure that it does not happen in the future.

Trouble With the Temperature of Your Home

In addition to keeping the elements out of your home, the roof should act as a source of insulation. If you’re having trouble keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, an aging roof may be the culprit. A new coating with help with that, particularly in the summer, when the coating will reflect the sun’s rays off the roof and away from the home. As an added bonus, this will help you save money on energy bills.

If you’ve had any of these issues in your home, it’s likely time for a new roof coating. If you’re not comfortable doing that yourself, consider having it coated by Roof Smith. Our professional team will walk you through the entire process. Contact us at one of our Texas or New Mexico locations to get started today.

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