The Benefits of a New Roof Coating

A man coats a roof while wearing orange gloves

The process of installing a new roof on your house can be an expensive and stressful one. Whatever contracting company you choose will have to strip off your old one and add a new one. The combination of labor and materials is what makes it a costly investment.

However, there’s a way to solve whatever problems your roof is causing you while also cutting down on both those costs: roof coating. Here are some benefits to going with this route rather than paying for a whole new roof:

What is Roof Coating?

Roof coating is a process where a damaged roof is repaired and restored by adding a fluid roofing membrane. This coating becomes the top layer of protection for your roof. This may not work for every damaged roof but can add years to a roof’s life when it is applied at the right time. This process can push back the timetable for installing an expensive new roof.

The Cost/Time Savings

When you hire a contractor to install a new roof on your home, you’re paying for quite a few things. You’re paying for an estimate, all the labor needed to strip off that old roof and add a new one and all the materials, including shingles, needed to install a new one. The costs can add up quickly.

Coating is a much quicker process that doesn’t involve nearly as many expensive materials. Because of the relatively speedy process, you’ll pay less in labor costs in addition to not having the hassle of a lengthy installation. Additionally, roofs that are properly taken care of can be recoated a few years later, further adding to the roof’s lifespan.

Save on Energy Costs

When the job is done, the new coating will become the top layer of protection for your home, which should be a temporary improvement over the previous condition. The coating reflects the sun, which decreases the roof’s temperature. This will allow homeowners to save on energy during the day, thus creating another area of costs savings. Homeowners will also get piece of mind knowing that their roof coating is leading to reduced energy consumption and less construction waste in landfills.

If your roof is giving you headaches, consider having it coated by Roof Smith. Our professional team will walk you through the entire process. Contact us at one of our Texas or New Mexico locations to get started today.

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