When Is It Time to Install a New Roof on Your Home?

A damaged roof, missing shingles

If you’re a typical homeowner, chances are you’re not going to be paying for a lot of roofs in your lifetime. Roofs are a major investment, so the hope is that they last a long time. While this is a positive, it means that the average homeowner may not know exactly when it’s time to have a new roof installed.

There will likely be many signs that it’s time to stop maintaining and repairing your roof and just replace it. Here are a few of them:

Water Damage

If you’ve noticed any evidence of water damage – brown or yellow stains, moisture marks, peeling paint – in the top level of your home, you’re likely dealing with a damaged roof. If the damage is minimal or not very widespread, you might be able to repair the roof. But serious damage in a short timespan is a sign the roof has reached the end of the line.

It’s Overgrown

When moisture becomes trapped in your roof, moss, mushrooms and mold can appear. If left unchecked, they can spread and start to cause serious problems. Using a stiff brush to get rid of this growth should work. But if the moss remains after brushing, you may be in need of a new roof.

Repair Costs are Adding Up

There are multiple benefits to repairing your roof: it’s cheaper in the short term and you can’t just replace your roof whenever there’s a problem. But if you’re having to repair it over and over again, there may be a deeper problem that can be solved by having a new roof installed.

Past It’s Lifespan

When you buy a home, it’s important to find out how recently the roof was installed. If, like many other people, you have an asphalt shingle roof, it should last about 20 years. After that point, it’s wise to consider replacement to avoid any of the pitfalls listed above.

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